Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nerd Blog Frog: Steampunking Dr. Seuss

Nerd Frog is feeling quite chipper today. He says that the rain always makes him want to go play outdoors. He especially likes to play hopping games on the long stretches of warm black rock that appear in random places, although he did have one friend who never came back after that. 

Nerd Frog's Nerd Blog of the day is Nancy's Nerd Blog called Dressmaker's Muse! She writes about costume design: making dresses from the early 1900s, building sweet hats, and steampunking! Steampunk is awesome. If you want to see Nancy's steampunk, you can visit this post, Steampunking Dr. Seuss, where she explains how she uses steampunk to enhance Seussical the Musical! If you would like to go see the show, click this link to find out dates, times, and location.

If you are a nerd, you are likely interested in Steampunk (or you think it's dumb)! If you don't know about steampunk, you can visit the Wikipedia Page, or read Girl Genius, the steampunk webcomic!

Look at this hat. This is Nancy's Steampunk Hat, for the character Maizie in Seussical the Musical.

To visit Nancy's Blog, go to
Now, I Nerd Frog, am going outside to play.

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