Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daleks on the Moon

And how do I know, you ask, that they found Daleks on the moon (they are also on Mars - see here)?

Because, as I was perusing images for a less recent blog post about the moon (mostly), I found these:

This was found in the NASA archives.

This was found in the NASA archives, as well.

This was found in the San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive.

This was found in the George Eastman House collection.

You may have to peruse closely, but trust me - the evidence is there. 

I'm hoping that if I post enough pictures of Daleks, the Doctor will show up.

Monday, August 13, 2012

What They Really Found On Mars

NASA's new social media effort, mainly the "7 Minutes of Terror," seemed to work miracles for the general public's interest in space. Based on my own Facebook wall (and my cat's Facebook wall), many, many people who aren't interested in anything that happens outside of about 10ft over their heads, began posting links to information about Mars, links to videos and information, and statuses about how cool space is and Mars is and etc, etc.

I was not surprised, however, (although a bit disappointed) when the excitement died down within 48 hours after the landing. The posts petered out. The likes and comments ceased. A week later, the news posts are even mostly gone (except for the thing with Obama).

I'm a little sad. I had hoped that combining the Curiosity's epic landing with the upcoming election would make space travel and discovery a major topic for the Presidential candidates.

It didn't.

So we're back to the same old grind, with a few new people who are excited about space, and a large number of people ready to jump on the bandwagon if anything interesting happens.

Something interesting did happen, though. Something that no one is talking about. Do you want to know what they don't tell you? Do you want to know what they really found on Mars (besides dirt)? I'll give you a hint. It was the same thing they found on the moon.

Yep. Daleks. We're all going to die. End of the world. Christmas, 2012.

Let's hope the Doctor is ready and waiting.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I drew some Daleks

One is wrong, one is ... well, closer to right. :)

I also drew space.

It's not quite Daleks in space.

But this one is!
Daleks in Space: