Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Badgers and Bees

Yesterday I was digging a tunnel, so I pretended to be a badger. I also pretended to be a worm and a backhoe, but I found that being a badger was by far the most fun. Badgers are rather creepy looking animals, but extremely cool nonetheless.

I'm not sure if I would call this guy cute, but he's definitely interesting to look at.

On the other hand, check out this one:

Rather a nasty looking fellow, if I do say so myself. On the completely opposite hand, or my third hand, if you will, check out this video:

Those are much cuter badgers than the real ones. Anyway, pretending to be a badger was fun. I got be nocturnal, I got to hunt with coyotes, I got to eat grubs and small amphibians, and I got to run 16 miles per hour! It is also interesting to note that it is illegal to badger badgers in the UK.

The only thing I don't really like about badgers is that they eat bees. I happen to be rather fond of bees in general, as they are cute and mostly harmless insects (well, honey and bumblebees at any rate). Badgers have a tendency to dig up bees nests in the ground, or climb into trees to root around in a hive for the honey. They don't just like honey, though, they also like to eat bees. I hope the badgers stay away from Dad's beeyard. Or else the badger will see the same unfortunate demise as the bear did, that is, it will get a nice electrical shock from the fence protecting the bees. 

That said, if you have any tunnels that need to be dug, I would love to help.
Next time, maybe I'll pretend to be a centipede. Or a mole--then I could be blind! Or a gopher! Or a meercat! Or a weasel... or a wild guinea pig!

...or a rabbit... or a groundhog... or a vole... or a chipmunk... or a skunk... or a raccoon... or a squirrel... or a woodchuck... or a shrew... or a rat... or a fox! ... or a mud bee! 

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