Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daleks on the Moon

And how do I know, you ask, that they found Daleks on the moon (they are also on Mars - see here)?

Because, as I was perusing images for a less recent blog post about the moon (mostly), I found these:

This was found in the NASA archives.

This was found in the NASA archives, as well.

This was found in the San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive.

This was found in the George Eastman House collection.

You may have to peruse closely, but trust me - the evidence is there. 

I'm hoping that if I post enough pictures of Daleks, the Doctor will show up.


  1. You should send your picture of the daleks on mars to the BBC breakfast news show, they are always showing stuff beamed back from the rover,that might also get the attention of the doctor or at least Matt Smith.

    1. Done :) I emailed them this morning. We'll see if anything comes of it. Thanks for the suggestion!