Monday, October 31, 2011

Footprints on the Moon

Supposedly there is no wind on the moon. I was reading about the Moon Landing Conspiracy*--they think that because the flag looks like it's blowing in the wind it means it's fake, which is not true--and saw I pictures of the footprints on the moon.

...which led to reading about solar winds, and then the sun exploding and then nebulae...

Everything turns to dust. Not just us tiny humans, who stare at the stars and wish for things when meteorites burn and die, but suns and planets and moons do too. After a star explodes, releasing as much energy as an entire galaxy in just a few days, it turns to dust: a writhing, swirling cloud of dust that was once a star and planets and moons, drifting casually by the rest of the universe.*

I wonder if the footprints on the moon are still there.

Now I'm imagining a giant space creature leaving footprints on the nebula.

My favourite thing about the moon pictures is the Eagle, sitting calmly on a layer of dust which looks like cement dust. The Eagle looks like it's made from tin foil spray painted gold, black wrap, and duct tape. And I love it.

One day we'll look back at pictures of our adorable, beloved Eagle that left its footprints on the moon, and think about how tiny things get big and big things get tiny. And then we'll soar through the stars, looking out the windows of our giant cityships that leave footprints in the nebulae...

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  1. I imagine humankind among the stars, inseminating the heavens with its power, and its sin, which Earth itself has not overcome.