Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hanging the Universe on my Christmas Tree

I don't have a Christmas tree. But if I did, I would want to fill it with UFO ornaments like my Great Uncle Bill did. Or ornaments shaped like stars and galaxies and nebulae. In fact, instead of a tree, I'd just like a tree-shaped picture of the universe, or a piece of the universe that someone shrunk down to fit in my living room. I could hang a wreath-shaped nebula on my door and use comets like icicle lights on my bushes. Comet tails would make beautiful ribbons to tie up the gifts and Saturn's moons and rings could be the trains on the train track under the universe tree.

Instead of presents I would name stars after my friends so that the whole universe would be just like my living room, with Grady and Styliani and Dave and Evan and Peter; and they could go visit the star I named after them. Or perhaps as a gift I would take them on trips to Jupiter or Kepler 20e or Kepter 20f, or maybe, if they didn't want to go, I would simply catch a moon and wrap it with a bow. They could use it to decorate their living room.

My gingerbread house would actually be a giant gingerbread solar system, with Earth and Mercury and Neptune all flying in massive loops; the sun would have giant frosting sunspots, the asteroid belt would be made of gumdrops, and inside the moon I would hide lots and lots of twizzlers. I wouldn't be picky: Pluto would be a planet again, and we could invite Eris to join the party, too.

My Santa does not ride in a sleigh or wear red; he rides in a blue police box which breathes loudly as it lands, and produces an interesting looking man with an interesting looking screwdriver. Then I climb into the blue police box which can travel through space and time, and he takes me to Midnight where the Sapphire Waterfall cascades down diamond peaks, or maybe just to Kepler 20e, if there's anything interesting there. Or, better yet, he could take me home.

Even if you haven't caught the universe to decorate your living room, have a fantastic period of time where you don't have to work, spending your days and nights with family and friends, watching the stars glisten on your tree and hearing the music of the universe serenade your hopefully magical days. Enjoy the candles in the windows and the rather small moon which has replaced your coffee table, and don't forget: the Dr. Who Christmas Special airs today! 


  1. For a young person, you write beautifully. I see a bright future ahead for you.

  2. Nice. You are a very good writer.