Thursday, January 26, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to Become an Astronaut

NASA just posted a blog titled "Top Ten Reasons to Become an Astronaut". Their top ten reasons are great. But here are my top ten reasons. They are better.

10. You get to eat freeze dried food.
9. You get to go to space.
8. You get to wear a really classy, sexy suit sometimes. You get to be a rocketman!
7. You get to go to space.
6. It's confirmation that you're an intelligent, valuable, and wanted member of society.
5. You get to go to space.
4. You get to ride in or drive the fastest vehicle in the known universe. A ROCKETSHIP.
3. You get to go to space.
2. You get to see the world, FROM SPACE.
And the number 1 reason: 

I realize there are dangers: exploding spaceships, loss of oxygen, aliens attacking your vessel, crazy mutant diseases that sneak into the water supply. But here's the thing: have you ever watched a scifi show? Or read a scifi book? Would any one of the characters in those shows say it wasn't worth all those dangers to go to space?

No. It's worth it. Let's go to space. Everybody.

For your convenience I have links to four different companies with space program job openings. If you're qualified, then by all means: APPLY. Speaking Russian is also a plus.

Joining the Military might also be an option. But talk to a recruiter. Be smart.

One day, I'll be carried away...

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  1. hmmm.... after reading this, a person might think you were obsessed with going to space....