Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ariele's Ode to Scotland

Scotland is a great place to visit. On one side of the road you have sheep...

...and on the other side of the road you have giant houses.

And if you keep going, it doesn't take too long before you can
 find an even bigger house.
With spikes.

Scottish people are great, too. They know what they want. 
Apparently the girls just want you to remember things.
Like their names.

They seem to be very concerned with safety.

And this guy just wants the sun to come out so 
he can play his solar powered guitar.

There are all sorts of places to visit in Scotland. 
Like this statue with a traffic cone on its head.

Or Hogwarts, for example.

And if they think they are missing a bit of history, they just borrow it.
The Parthenon...

...or the Pyramids...

...and that rock over there in the corner. To the left of the tree.

It's from Norway.

I don't think they have enough buses in Scotland.

And they like to keep their best writers in cages.
I'm not a fan of that.
(Sir Walter Scott).

But they do have some very cute boys.

So. The question is: are you going, or not?


  1. Very interesting, great pictures too!

  2. I so enjoyed traveling with you through Scotland! I love bagpipes and I really miss the Black Watch bagpipe concerts--they were wonderful! As a "McLeod," I've always wanted to visit Scotland, so I really enjoyed visiting Scotland vicariously via your blog. Thanks so much for inviting us along!

  3. Loved Scotland when I visited a few years back. I actually did the rental car thing, and found myself comfortably whipping around tiny roads in the countryside. I also loved the walking, and the law that says walkers have the right of way ANYWHERE, even across private property! My trip inspired me to write a song, which you can hear if you like on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/van-gabriel/the-consultants-kirkudbright