Monday, July 9, 2012

The Cat and the Peacock

Out of all of the animals in the universe, I happen to like cats. Cats are funny. I am currently owned by only one cat, but have many other cats in my life. For example, Charles, who currently resides with my parents, looks like this:

Giant, orange, male, and very kingly, Charles also likes to drape his massive body over whatever warm surface he can find (usually a human), and lick toes (and fingers, and arms, and faces...).

Cats are terribly odd creatures. So what happens when you combine a cat with a peacock?

(This is George, he also lives at my parents' house).

This does:

And this:

I guess it's a good thing Charles isn't a bird-cat. Or else George would probably be lunch.

The end.


  1. Lol- and things haven't changed. I walked outside last night and between dog, cats and birds lounging about harmoniously it looked like the peaceable kingdom. Charles gets along with everyone regardless of species. OK, maybe not mice, but everyone else. :)

  2. Great pics, Ariele. Lovely cat. I just love those big old tomcats. They're so pretty to me. Wonder if the peacock got loud when his perch was invaded? (They can be incredibly loud and annoying.) Beautiful bird though.