Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days of Planets: Earth

Day 4: Earth

The thing about Earth is that there is SO MUCH to know about it. I mean, the same is true for other planets, but our knowledge of them is limited, while our knowledge of Earth is massive and just keeps growing and growing and growing and our evidence is here and now and right in front of our eyes all the time.

Earth resides as the third planet from the sun and the fifth densest in the solar system. Some might argue the the most special thing about Earth are the people that live on it, but I would argue that the planet itself is far more incredible than we are. Holding its position in perfect balance with the sun so that the life stowed away on ts surface can get just the right amount of light and heat; spinning at just the right speed that we don't fly off or die of spinning to slowly; proving food and water and nutrients and everything we need to live healthy and full lives - without asking anything in return. At least not out loud, with words.

It's the perfect spaceship; the perfect home. The place where we eat and drink and think and build and have our children. We might better start thinking now about our elderly mother, who has taken care of us for so long. Perhaps it is time we took back a bit more of the responsibility and began taking care of her so she doesn't rip our inheritance out from beneath us.

Or else we will be alien life forms floating dead in the vacuum of space. Like dried up worms.

Earth is beautiful.

Pictures from NASA and Wikipedia. 

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