Sunday, May 19, 2013

Looking for Dragons

One day, she went looking for the dragon.
She set out on food, walking through the trees.

She walked past the hidden apple tree.

And strolled through the sumac tree wood.

And stumbled into the Enchanted Forest.

She saw a bird. It wasn't singing.

When she reached a strange rock wall, she paused and looked around...

Was she lost?
She turned back. Everything looked the same.
She frowned, concerned, and began walking again.

She walked for hours.

Finally, she found an old birch tree. It seemed to be
pointing her towards something. She began to walk in that direction.

Suddenly, she stumbled into the field on the edge of the Enchanted Forest.
She breathed a sign of relief.

She began to head towards home, disappointed that she hadn't found the dragon.

Then, out of the corner of her eye she saw a splash of red, 
amid the green wash of green and brown that surrounded her.

It was beautiful.

Then she looked up.
She saw something in the trees.
She moved closer.

A wall? She began to follow it.

It was the Lost Fortress!

Her mind began to spin castles and adventures...

...and suddenly there were knights and witches
and fairies and animals...

...and there was her dragon.

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  1. Shame you didn't bump into Hansel and Gretel. you could have shared some ginger bread!