Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days of Planets: Fiery Planet of Doom

Day 25

The Fiery Planet of Doom! as you might think, is not a place in a video game. Although it might be. And that would be awesome. It is not the place that parents tell their children they will go when they lie, and it is not the place that haunts your nightmares. Well, actually, I don't know that. It might be. It's real name is WASP 18b, such clever and intriguing name, and this planet is the superhero of planets: the Flash!

It whips around its sun in less than a day (an Earth day). In addition, it is more than 10x the size of Jupiter! That is huge, in case you didn't realize. HUGE. And the planet is so close to the sun it is extremely blazing hot, and about to crash into the sun... making it a fiery planet... of doom.

If THE FLASH had more control over its general direction, it would be a fiery, fast, fortuitous, fabled, fantastic, fabulous, formidable, furious, free, fierce, flaring, flickering, flashy, ferocious, fearless, forceful, frenzied, flaming FLASH!

In conclusion, this might actually be where you go when you lie.

Picture from here.