Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days of Planets: Imaginary

Day 22
I think that everyone would benefit from an imaginary planet. The thing about imaginary planets is that you get to rule them - you're the boss! It can look like anything, be anything - it can be filled with people or have none, and the possibilities are only limited by the capabilities of your imagination.

I have an imaginary planet. I call it Sagitta (I stole that. It's the name of a constellation inside the Milky Way). Sagitta is shaped like a donut.

That's right. A Krispy Kreme. On the inside (the Inner Rim), there's an ocean. And let me tell you, they have some pretty awesome and weird fish in that massive ocean.

I know - looking good, right?
On the Outer Rim, there is a desert. There may also be some dessert out there, if you're lucky. Like a cupcake. Or dried ice cream. 

Then there are, of course, forests, and plains, and mountains, and rivers, and everything in between (literally - in between the inner and outer rim). Their animals are vaguely similar to those of Earth's but they evolved differently.

And just a few miles off of the ocean, Pomegranate City squats uncomfortably under the crazy thunderstorms and massive rainbows, and her people live for 1000 (Earth) years. 

But how did this majestic planet come to have a hole in the middle - missing a chunk of its soul? Well, it used to look more or less like this:

And then a massive asteroid came out of no where...


Which left only a very large mess behind.

After a few million years of spinning, the stuff all clumped together to become the donut that we all know and love today. 

In conclusion, what does your imaginary planet look like?

Pictures by me, except for first donut which was from here, and the ringed planet which was from here.


  1. My ideal planet would orbit around two suns, that way when one sun sets, the other one rises and there would be no darkness. On the negative side there would not be a need for light bulbs anymore.....

    1. That would be pretty awesome. Did you know they found a planet with four stars?

      Then you really would always have light. Although, I feel like it would get pretty hot!