Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Lonely Whelk: Editing Has Begun

Everyone has a slightly different editing process when they go through their rough drafts. I know people who write everything out by hand and then type it as a way of processing; others might read it out loud to themselves. I do what I like to call "putting my editor hat on;" in other words, I am doing for myself what I would do for any friend or writer's group member: track changes! I thought I would share a few of the comments I have begun to leave for myself, just in case you want to try to guess what my next book is about. :)
  • This is too obvious. You’re clearly trying too hard. Perhaps you should cut this paragraph out, and use the story at the end when [spoiler].
  • Run away; play along in case she’s insane - rock
  • Rewrite this section. Hazel would have a less… suspicious response. This is probably something she’s thought about a lot before. She should be better prepared.
  • Rewrite through here at least.
  • How will I get home?
  • Men tend to be less afraid of strange women than women are of strange men.
  • Not probably a good reaction. FIX! FIX!
  • You should decide what kind of drunk he is, and then make him follow that stereotype.
  • Okay, so we need to do some serious work on Maddy's personality here and everywhere, really.
  • Got hit in an asteroid belt.
  • hahahaha
  • And suddenly he’s not drunk any more. Either he is or he isn't. Make up your mind, yo!
  • Now he is again…
  • Ummm… no.
  • What does this even mean?
  • Pick something less game-y
  • Enough with the ‘cute’ already!
  • Too much drama. Give Rupert a less irritating character.
  • This description could be way more awesome. Get your game on, Ariele!
  • Etc.
Next steps: Go through each note as an action item and get my "writer's hat" on.

And since this book is about a lonely whelk, I give you this:

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  1. I was quite surprised to see how hard you could be on yourself! It's good to have discipline! Kind regards, Brian.